My Life As A Comic Strip

The family is pretty ordinary. My dad did not have any musical talent, but somehow I did. My mom was good with sewing, but she was not a super genius. I somehow ended up with a combination of perfect pitch a super scream and the ability to solve problems quickly. I fight crime using my perfect pitch and super scream to detect any and all danger. It is the rare villain that can even get past me once I use my super scream, and I can always tell when danger is coming even when it is far away.

My parents had no idea that I had such strange superpowers. They only thought that I liked music, but I have to say it was really funny when a super villain tried to sneak into my parents’ house only to step on a pile of sewing needles in my mom’s sewing room. She does not have a have superhero name, but we could call her “The Needler”, for now. My dad would be called the bookworm because he reads all the time, and I am The Screamer.

The Screamer is someone who has to make his presence known when he fights, but it helps him get the upper hand on bad guys who get freaked out when they hear his scream. I think of it a lot like the rebel yell in the civil war. They screamed to scare the enemy, and I scream to defeat the enemy. I have used this technique on a lot of local criminal who end up tied up in about half a second after I catch them, but there is my arch nemesis The Brain.

He runs all the organized crime in the area, and he is the one that keeps paying for villains to come out of the woodwork to try to deal with me. The Brain can focus long enough to avoid hearing my super scream, and he keeps hiring people who he thinks can beat me. It has not worked yet, but we will see for the future.
When I sit for a long time over comics, I need physical exercise and relief, so I use the application training peaks or its alternatives.

My newest plan is to infiltrate his hideout and finish him once and for all. I look up to Batman, I really do, but sometimes you have to kill people to deal with them. I plan on killing The Brain in Operation Blackout where I’ll sneak in after cutting the power to his lair. He will not hear a thing until it is too late.