Colleges where you can get a degree in comics

There are lots of people who are into comics, and most of the time the passionate people want to pursue a comics career. To fulfill this dream, a student should complete a degree in comics studies. But if you think a comics degree is just about creating stories and drawing, you are wrong, as the same academic program will be given. This means that they will still go through the usual school works and paper works like other students.
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Top Colleges Offering Degree in Comics Studies

1. Minneapolis College of Arts and Design

MCAD is offering a degree in Comic Arts, and a student can become a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This is a unique course by MCAD especially for the young ones who have a passion for imagery and storytelling and want to be in the comic industry after their studies. In this school, they learn the conventional and experimental characteristics of storytelling along with juggling their other academic subjects. They do not just need to be good in comics, as they should also battle the paper works and assignment given by their superiors.

2. California College of the Arts

This institution offers various courses like in MFA in Comics, MFA in Writing, BFA in Illustrations, BFA in Animation and BFA in Graphic Design. This is a good school to pursue a career in Arts-related jobs. It has a high caliber in its faculty and the facilities are advanced which are useful in giving a good comics and arts program to students.

3. Michigan State University

MSU has an undergraduate program which is Minor in Comic Arts and Graphic Novels. This program is under the roof of the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. The university delivers the overview and experience in terms of methods, discipline, vocabulary, and concept of Comics. This is a good training ground for those who want to pursue higher studies regarding comics.
The above-listed colleges are some of the best wherein students can get a degree in Comics Art. These can also provide students the right methods, program, training, and practice in becoming good in a career in the comics industry.